Danielle Passmore
Danielle Passmore

Danielle Passmore


A Little About Danielle

I started CrossFit with my husband in the summer of 2013 after having a friend and a couple family members talk us into it. I was curious because they were having so much fun going to workout and it made me want to try.

I thought I was in decent shape at the time so I went in there thinking it wouldn't be too difficult. I was so wrong. It's not that the workout was difficult, it's the intensity I put into the workout to try to prove I was in shape. I was the last to finish and all it did was make me want to go back for more. Fast forward to three years later and I still love it. I've done P90X, Insanity, gyms, running, and cardio classes but never stuck with them like I have with CrossFit. It's something different every day and it's always challenging.

I had actually never thought about becoming a coach until I was asked by Brandi to think about it. It's always been hard for me to talk in front of big groups so it was a scary concept at first, but the more I thought about it the more excited I got because I would be able to help people get healthier. And then I realized I was already helping other athletes in the box just with the three years of experience I had so why not go get the training and do it officially.

I LOVE NorthLee CrossFit because of the community atmosphere. We all cheer for each other and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment we have after every workout. After getting to know Brandi I've seen how much she really cares about everyone there. It's a great place to go get healthy and have fun at the same time!

- 4 years coaching experience
- CrossFit Level 1 Certification